Two software engineer positions (remote)


We want to hire two software engineers this year, and if you’re reading this, you might be a good fit! :slight_smile:

To be clear, these are not directly Nix/NixOS positions. I can also say that we depend heavily on nix and <nixpkgs>, and are committed to continuing to benefit from these tools and community going forward.

As a software engineer at RJG, you may wear a few hats, but your primary focus will be participating across the SDLC of our manufacturing software. We don’t believe in “full-stack”, because here is a snapshot of “full” in our organization:

  • Global cloud infrastructure – (early stages, AWS serverless, mostly python)
  • Applications – this is my focus area
    • System software – rust-lang (see here)
    • frontend – Angular (9+) / Typescript
    • middle – Java / Spring
    • back – C++
    • build/test/tooling – python, nix
  • Firmware – :dragon:

I am not the recruiter, but if you have any questions, please feel free to post them here, or ping me. Thank you!

edit* Our team works in EDT currently and some overlap is required.

Apply here:


After a bit more discussion with my boss and our org, I want to clarify our “remote” requirements.

We work in EDT / EST. So during our summertime, we are UTC-4, then November-March we will be on Eastern Standard Time (EST), UTC -5.

I’m attempting to get more specific requirements, but so far the guidance is that we can only consider folks working in EDT plus or minus ~3 hours. This allows for a few hours of overlap during everyone’s working hours for collaboration.

Geographical Location
We are unable to sponsor visas for relocation. We are simply too small. On a long timescale (~5yrs?) that answer may change.